All of HCA tournaments, camps, and classes are open to everyone. We wish to extend a "welcome" to everyone, and ask you to let us know how to make your experiences more enjoyable.


Welcome to Hanley's Chess Academy (HCA)
What We Stand For and Believe Children Will Learn From Playing Chess:

  • Develop Friends and Socialization Skills
  • Develop Critical Thinking Skills
  • Learns To Deal with Life's Ups and Downs
  • That Making Mistakes are OK as These Are How We Learn
  • That One Never Fails, They Simply Stop Trying
  • That With Perseverance and Determination, They Can Accomplish Any Dream(s) They Have
  • That Success is Getting Up One More Time Than We Have Fallen Down
  • BONUS? KID'S LOVE TO PLAY! (Even those who thought they wouldn't!)

HCA Hall of Fame

Below are my students who have won National and State Championships.

National Champions Title Tournament State Champions Title Tournament
Joaquin Perkins 1st Grade Champion Nat'l K-12 Grade Level; Orlando, FL; December 2010 Solomon Ge 2nd Grade Champion No. CA Grade Level; Stockton, CA; November 2010
Ryan Perkovich 1st Place - Class "D" US Open; Irvine, CA; August 2010
Kyle Perkovich 1st Place - Class "C" US Open; Irvine, CA; August 2010
Joaquin Perkins Kindergarten Champion Nat'l K-12 Grade Level; Dallas, TX; December 2009

Parent/Coach Testimonials

  • "Joe Hanley,

    Thank you for hosting a wonderful tournament for my child and the extras you added for the parents and guardians is a super bonus. Even though my child didn't win and it was a long drive for us, we all had a great time. I'm pretty sure it took a lot organizing that event, so i want to make sure that you and your assisstants know that your work is very much appreciated. Please keep it up, looking forward to the next one."

    Thanks again,
    (November, 2010)

  • "Dear Joe,

    That was a fine game by Solomon G. (referring to the game where he beat a 1700 at the 2010 US Open; Joe H.) He probably played at Class A strength, or higher. I've taught hundreds of beginners, and very few ever get to the level where they develop rapidly, control the center and see basic tactics.

    Your teaching has started him out very well! Keep up the good work!"

    Best wishes,
    Jack Peters
    International Master & LA Times Chess Columnist
    (August 2010)

  • "Hi Joe:

    Hope you're doing great! We are successfully settled in here in London, Canada and so far we are really liking it! I just wanted to let you know that Niko just received his report card from his 6th grade teacher and his scores for the CA state testing that he does every year...the fantastic news to report is that he improved his scores over last year by 200 points in both english and math and scored in the 96th and 94th percentile for english and math across all kids in the nation. That is a huge improvement over his scores in the past where he was in the the 70-80th percentile! We believe that the big game changer has been his participation in chess and your coaching over the past year!!

    So as we plan out the next school year, I want to figure our a way that we can continue to keep him playing chess on a regular basis. There is no chess school here in London so please let me know what you think might work for having Niko in some sort of chess instruction once a week and then maybe participation in the HCA National Team where we can work tournaments into my travel schedule or something like that!"

    Hope you all are doing great!

    Dante M. Pirouz
    Assistant Professor
    The Richard Ivey School of Business
    University of Western Ontario
    London, Ontario, CANADA

  • "I love HCA...Mr. Hanley is a lot of fun! Plus, I get a chance to learn."

    Aaron G.(12 Yrs. Old; 1336 USCF Rating)
    San Jose, CA. USA

  • "My son Joaquin started taking private lessons from Joe Hanley in July 2009. Joe was able to quickly identify and address the main flaws in Joaquin's chess thinking. Under Joe's private coaching, Joaquin became a National Champion with a perfect 7-0 score in the Kindergarten section at the K-12 Grade Level Championships in December 2009."

    Kele P.
    West Covina, CA. USA

  • "My son started working with Joe Hanley 2 1/2 years ago when he was 11 years old. I would say that the money we've spent in that time on lessons and events at Hanley Chess Academy has been one of the best investments we've ever made. Joe has such a talent and passion for teaching chess and he really knows how to meet the individual needs of each child.

    Matthew, our son, has benefited in so many ways. Through chess and working with Joe, he has learned the value of goal setting, planning, and self-discipline. His concentration and focus have improved tremendously as well as his ability to control his emotions when things aren't going well. We've also seen significant improvements in his logic and reasoning skills and we believe that has been a major factor in bringing his math grades up to straight A's in the eighth grade.

    Recently, we moved to North Carolina and what we miss most about California is Hanley Chess Academy! Matt is still taking private lessons online with Joe and travels to the national tournaments with the group but we sure miss that Saturday Night Chess Club at the academy. Every Saturday night, my husband and I would go down the street for dinner and a movie while Matt had a blast playing chess! It was great!"

    Ruth H.
    North Carolina, USA

  • "Hi Joe,
    Thanks, again, for taking on Drew while we were in town. He really enjoyed the time with you and your chess club members and talked about it as a highlight of our vacation. He played a scholastic event yesterday in the "Elite 8" section, which is the top 8 players who register. He won all four games and commented afterward that in several situations, "Before I had that time with Joe, I would have resigned myself to being behind and figuring out how to pull out a draw or a win just on the basis of my experience and stronger skills. Instead, I was able to step back, shift gears, and find the upper hand, again." Apparently, your point about how he often sticks with a good-turned-mediocre-plan -- instead of remaining flexible -- was a key concept he absorbed from your lessons. Getting such a nugget of knowledge, as well as having the pleasure of meeting some genuinely nice people, made the experience at your academy well worth it."

    Amy C.
    Oregon, USA

  • "Trophies, tournaments, classes! stop shopping...who could ask for anything more?"

    Coach Kevin Bulone
    Coach of All Star Youth Chess

  • "My son greatly enjoys the fun and excitement of coach Hanley's chess tournaments!"

    Gabriel Liao
    Father of Matthew

To contact us, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 714-925-3195.

Hanley's Chess Academy is located at 7390 Center Ave, Huntington Beach, CA. 92646. Cross Streets are Gothard and Center. From the 405 southbound freeway, exit Beach Blvd. and make an immediate right onto Center (rather than going left which will take you to Beach Blvd). We are three blocks up on the left hand side in the Del Taco Retail Plaza.


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